Articles and Book Chapters

2/11/2017 – Laure Humbert on the French in Exile

Dr. Laure Humbert has published a new article – “The French in Exile and Post-War International Relief, c. 1941-1945” – in The Historical Journal. Read more here


12/09/2017 – Eloise Moss’s Social History of Dialling ‘999’

Dr. Eloise Moss has published a new article – ‘”Dialling 999 for Help!”: The Three-Digit Emergency Number and the Transnational Politics of Welfare Activism, 1937-1979″ – in the Journal of Social History. Read more here


11/09/2017 – Frank Mort on the Prince of Wales’s Dominion Tours

Dr. Frank Mort has published a new article – ‘On Tour with the Prince: Monarchy, Imperial Politics and Publicity in the Prince of Wales’s Dominion Tours 1919-1920’ – in Twentieth Century British History. Read more here


11/09/2017 – Christian Goeschel on German Intellectuals and Early Fascism

Dr. Christian Goeschel has contributed to a dynamic forum – ‘Intellectual and Artistic Responses to Early Fascism – the Historians Perspective’ – in the German Quarterly. Read more here