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Hats from Assam, Manchester Museum Collection (copyright Manchester Museum).

Forthcoming: Dr Anindita Ghosh is on the permanent advisory board of the new South Asia Gallery, to be launched at the Manchester Museum in 2020! The gallery will comprise items on permanent loan from the British Museum. You can read more about these developments here



Cnut, Europe and the Making of England

 Saturday 15th October 2016

University of Liverpool

 2016 marks a thousand years since the conquest of England by the Danish king Cnut, and this October we commemorate his defeat of the Anglo-Saxon king Edmund Ironside at the battle of ‘Assandun’.  This month also marks the 950th anniversary of the battle that took place at Hastings on 14th October 1066, and it is interesting to note that while the latter is universally acknowledged as a pivotal moment in the history of the British Isles, ‘Assandun’ has faded from memory so much that even its location is uncertain.

Cnut’s victory brought to power a Viking dynasty that ruled England for 26 years, and influenced it for far longer.  In this special commemoration, we seek to bring Cnut’s England back to life.  We ask why his conquest and rule over the country has been relatively neglected, and why it still matters to us, 1000 years later.

Artefacts of Viking England, including the Huxley Hoard.  On display all day in the Garstang Museum (just off Abercromby Square).  A talk on the hoard’s discovery and significance will be delivered by its principal excavator, Dr Rob Philpott, at 12.30 and again at 3.30 in the Garstang Museum Teaching Room: ‘The Huxley Hoard and the Irish Sea in the Age of Cnut’.

Life in Viking-Age England, re-enacted by Viking Chester and Travellers through Time (Abercromby Square): all day.  Demonstrations of Viking combat will take place at 12.00 and 3.30.

Public lectures.  Rendall Building, 1.30-4.50pm.  Refreshments will be provided.



12.00-12.20     Demonstrations of Viking weaponry (Viking Chester)


12.30-1.00       ‘The Huxley Hoard and the Irish Sea region in the age of Cnut’

Rob Philpott (University of Liverpool)


1.30-2.10         ‘1016 – the English context: Æthelred the Unready, Edmund Ironside and Cnut’

Pauline Stafford (University of Liverpool/University of Leeds)


2.10-2.50         ‘1016 and all that: Cnut’s invasion of England and subsequent rule’

Tim Bolton (University of Aberdeen/Dreweatts and Bloomsbury)


2.50-3.30         ‘Crossing Conquests: English Royal Women and the Politics of Fiction?’

Elizabeth Tyler (University of York)


3.30-4.10         Tea      (including:-

‘The Huxley Hoard and the Irish Sea region in the age of Cnut’

Rob Philpott (University of Liverpool)

Demonstrations of Viking weaponry (Viking Chester)


4.10-4.50         ‘1016: why it matters’

Charles Insley (University of Manchester)



Professor Peter Gatrell: National Army Museum, London (June 2016), Public lecture, ‘Refugees, armies and volunteering during the First World War.’



2016: Dr Sasha Handley, Dr Stephen Gordon, and Dr Jenny Spinks. ‘Magic, Witches and Devils in the Early Modern World,’ exhibition at the John Rylands University Library.

Read their blog about this wonderful exhibition providing insights into the world of superstition, magic, and sorcery here

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2014: Dr Ana Carden-Coyne directs a new exhibition at the Manchester Art Gallery to coincide with the centenary of the First World War. Entitled ‘The Sensory War,’ the exhibition explores how artists have represented and chronicled the devastating impact of war since 1914. Engaging with the themes of trauma, disability, and war crimes, the exhibition guides

viewers to explore changing artistic techniques of evoking suffering and the emotional consequences of warfare. You can learn more about the exhibition here: