Lunchtime Seminar


Lunchtime Seminars, History 2017-2018

Wednesdays, 1-2pm in Samuel Alexander, Rm. A112

Semester 1:

Wednesday 27 September

Seija Jalagin, ‘Years of peril, routes of hope: State control and Soviet Karelian refugees in post-World War II Finland and Sweden’

Wednesday 25 October

Alex Dowdall, ‘Communities under Fire: Civilians at the Western Front, 1914-1918’

Wednesday 15 November

Ewa Ochman, ‘Spaces of nationhood and contested war monuments in post-communist Poland’

Wednesday 29 November

Laure Humbert, ‘The politics of neutrality: Screening Displaced Persons in the French occupation zone, 1945-1946’

Wednesday 13 December

Georg Christ, ‘Seaborne state – land based empire: Venice and the Mamluks in the 14th c.’

Semester 2

Wednesday 7 February 

Alice Marples, John Rylands Research Institute, ‘Medical Education in Manchester, 1750-1850’

Wednesday 21 February

Catherine Casson, MBS, ‘Location, Location, Location: Property Speculation in Medieval English Towns, c. 1250-c 1400’

Wednesday 7 March

Alexia Yates, ‘Rise of the Rentier: Economic Futures in Nineteenth-century France’

Wednesday 21 March

Pierre Fuller, ‘Natural Disaster and the Construction of Revolution Memory in 1920s China’

Wednesday 25 April

John Morgan, ‘Past Flooding Matters: local government and community resilience in the English lowlands since 1700’


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