A Century of Anti-Communisms

Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 16/8/2012.

A Century of Anti-Communisms

The inaugural conference of the PSA Communism Specialist Group will take place in Manchester on 21st September 2012.


9.30                welcome

9.45-10.45     Why study communism when communism has collapsed? Open discussion and inaugural meeting of PSA communism specialist group

10.45-11.00   coffee

11.00-1.00     Cold War anti-communism

Eric Arnesen (Washington) McCarthyism’s Left Wing?  Civil Rights, and the Complexities of Black Anticommunism from the Red Decade to the Red Scare

John Callaghan (Salford) Anti-communism in Cold War America

Sarah Cohen (Northumbria) Anti-communism in the British Labour movement: the case of Sam Watson

1.00-2.00       lunch

2.00-3.00       Jean-François Fayet (Geneva) Some problems in the writing of the history of anti-communism

3.00-3.15       coffee

3.15-4.45       A century of anti-communisms: roundtable discussion

Gavin Bowd (St Andrews) Left bank anti-communism

Madeleine Davis (Queen Mary) New left anti-communism 

Paulo Drinot (UCL) Populist anti-communism

Dianne Kirby (Ulster) Christian anti-communism

Carl Levy (Goldsmiths) anarchist anti-communism

Matthew Worley (Reading) Fascist anti-communism

Venue: Arthur Lewis Building (boardroom), Social Sciences, University of Manchester (no 36 on campus map http://www.manchester.ac.uk/aboutus/travel/maps/

Registration: free to PSA members, £15 to non-members (£10 students and unwaged) to cover lunch and refreshments. Both members and non-members of the PSA should please register in advance

Contact:  Gidon.Cohen@durham.ac.uk or Kevin.Morgan@manchester.ac.uk to register for this event  or for further information


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