CFP: History Lab Northwest

Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 3/10/2013.

 Beyond History:

A History Lab North West Interdisciplinary Workshop

Submission closing Date: October 20, 2013

 History Lab North West are pleased to announce their next one-day postgraduate workshop, to be held at the University of Manchester on 1st November 2013.  Affiliated with the Institute for Historical Research, HLNW is a network aiming to foster connections and collaboration amongst postgraduates working in universities in and around the North West.  We offer a platform for postgraduates to present research in a friendly and supportive environment and the opportunity to exchange ideas and to socialise with peers from around the region.  We especially encourage PGRs who wish to experiment with novel or untested approaches to their subject.

‘Interdisciplinary’ has in recent years become something of a key term across the humanities, and historians seem increasingly willing to incorporate ideas and approaches from a wide range of disciplines.  However, there remains much scope for increased contact between historians and scholars who, working in other subject areas across the arts and social sciences, also engage with historical concepts and methodologies.  This workshop explores concepts and practices of interdisciplinary history.  It is intended to provide a forum for postgraduates to explore the negotiation of the ‘discipline’ of history and to discuss how we can incorporate methodologies and approaches from disciplines across the humanities, and beyond.  Potential questions could include:

–      Do the disciplinary boundaries of history constrain or liberate?  Are subdivisions by period useful?

–          How does work that is not produced under the aegis of history alter or incorporate it?

–          To what extent is separation between disciplines arbitrary?

–          How are disciplines sustained or challenged by the organisation of the university?

–          Has an interdisciplinary framework become the norm?

–          How meaningful are terms such as trans-, cross- and interdisciplinary?

Contributions are invited from any postgraduate studying a historical topic, broadly defined.  We especially welcome PGRs whose research crosses borders in terms of subject or methodology or who are interested in experimenting with themes and ideas from other fields and disciplines.   Papers may address theoretical or methodological issues and/or offer examples of interdisciplinary work.   We welcome participants based in any subject area; this may include but is not limited to sociology, law, languages and literary studies, music, geography, Classics, anthropology, archaeology, development studies and history of science and medicine.  Papers should be between 15 and 20 minutes long.

Please send abstracts of 200-300 words by 20th October 2013 to, including your name, department and institution in the email.



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