Children during the Holocaust: A one-day conference at Imperial War Museums North


Children interned at Auschwitz, January 1945. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. 

The Centre for Jewish Studies and the Department of History, University of Manchester and IWM North (part of Imperial War Museums)

One-day conference


Wednesday 26 October 2016, 9.30am-4.00pm

Libeskind Rooms, IWM North

This conference will explore the experience of children in the Holocaust. Among the six million Jewish victims, as many as 1.5 million were children. Scholarship has grown considerably in this field in recent years, focussing among other things on how children were treated – sometimes having no chance of survival on account of their youth, sometimes being made to work in factories or slave labour camps, where they endured privations which shortened their lives or haunted them for life.   Many – trapped in ghettos and other places of confinement – played a key role in finding food for their families. A few kept diaries which have survived – providing intimate insights into the child’s perspective. Today – when so few adult survivors are still alive – it is the children’s perspective that we hear about – at memorial days and in schools. This workshop will bring together important scholars of the field to address what it was to be a Jewish child under Nazi occupation; what current scholarship is revealing and where future research may take us.


Teas and coffees available from 9.30am


10.00               Welcome and introduction to IWM North and the Conference

10.10              Ana Hajkova (Warwick), ‘Children in Terezin’

11.00               Tea and coffee               

11.15               Daniel Lee (Sheffield), ‘Pétain’s Jewish Children’

12.00               Simone Gigliotti (Royal Holloway), ‘Touring the stone wilderness: re-viewing David “Chim” Seymour’s Children of Europe 

12.45               Lunch 

1.45                 Leon Kammer in conversation 

2.30                 Bob Moore (Sheffield), ‘Suffer the Little Children… The rescue of Jewish Children in Nazi Occupied Western Europe’. 

3.15                 Tea and coffee 

3.30                 General Discussion 

4.00                End  

Academic programme organised by Dr Jean-Marc Dreyfus, Reader in Holocaust Studies, History Division, the University of Manchester

This conference is free, however you will be charged £10 for non-attendance to cover refreshments.

A buffet lunch is provided (Kosher and other dietary needs can be met if requested upon booking or by contacting no later than 14 October 2016).

Please note this programme may be subject to change.


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