History & Sociology Make Contact


Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 15/3/2014.

The History and Sociology Party gets swinging at the Contact Theatre on the 26th of February

History and Sociology students had a dedicated programme party on the 26th of February in the warm and inviting space of the Contact Theatre Lounge. There were drinks, nibbles, music and pleasant conversation. It was wonderful to see students interacting with other members of their cohort and feeling that they were all part of a wider family. Lecturers were also present and the informal, friendly setting was very conducive to socialising across all levels – staff and students alike.

This is what one of the students attending had to say:

“I hadn’t really thought in depth of my place as a History and Sociology student in Manchester, so it was definitely new to me getting to chat about it with other students. The Contact theatre was a great space to have a few drinks and snacks and informally get talking to other History and Sociology students and lecturers. I’ve found university can sometimes make you can feel like a bit of a customer, but getting to go to socials like this makes you realise the importance of what you’re learning, and how passionate your lecturers are on what they teach.” Niharika Archer, History and Sociology, Level 3


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