History Undergraduate Prizes 2011-2012

Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 29/8/2012.

The History Department is very proud to announce the list of prizewinners for the academic year 2011-2012. The department has a number of prizes recognizing and celebrating outstanding academic achievement by its undergraduates in a number of fields and across all years.

So congratulations to all the winners!

Year 3 & MHist:

Tout Prize: Marcel Thomas, for the best overall performance.

Thomas Brown Memorial Prize: Kyra Everiss-Madelin, for the second highest average mark.

Chaloner Prize: Freddie de Boise, for the best dissertation on economic and social history of the industrial period, or its representation in history and literature, or the history of Manchester and its region, or historical bibliography.

Warren Kinsey Prize to Thomas Iddon, awarded to the best dissertation in the History programmes not covered by the Chaloner.

Outstanding Achievement Prizes

World History: Amy Redgrave

East Asian History: Adam Lorimer

Modern British History: Nicholas Maddocks

Modern European History: Kyra Everiss-Madelin

Social and Economic History: Stephanie Woodrow and Roseanna Webster

Early Modern History: Zoe Dean

Medieval History: Michael Potter

Year 2

Shuttleworth History Scholarship: Rachel Jones, for best overall performance in Year 2 of History Honours and Modern History with Economics.

Shuttleworth Year 2 MHE Prize: Peter Dembrey, for the best overall performance in MHE not covered by the Shuttleworth Scholarship.

John and Edith Lang Memorial Scholarship: Rachel Jones, for best overall performance in HH or MedSt degrees.

Bradford History Scholarship: Rosa Hodgkin, for 2nd best overall performance in HH or MedSt degrees.

Higham Book Prize: Holly Waughman, for 3rd best overall performance in HH or MedSt degrees.

Outstanding Long Essay Prizes: Louis Harris-White, Rachel Jones, Michael Smith and Nick Pringle.

Outstanding Achievement Prizes:

World History: Elizabeth Marsland

East Asian History: Holly Waughman

Modern British History: Rebecca Kerr

Modern European History: Marissa Hogg

Social and Economic History: Kimberly McIntosh

Early Modern History: Thomas Wroblewski

Medieval History: Mark Byrne

Year 1 Prizes:

Shuttleworth Year 1 MHE Prize: Emma Slater, for the highest aggregate by a student in MHE.

Mark Hovell and Shuttleworth Prize: Samuel Hook, for the highest aggregate by a student in any History programme who is not the winner of the Shuttleworth Year 1 MHE Prize.

Outstanding Long Essay Prizes: Angus Harrison; Greta Friedlander and  Alexander O’Fee-Worth

Outstanding Achievement Prizes

World History: Andrew Smith

East Asian History: Simone Wilkes

Modern British History: Sophie Bullock and David Thomas Critchley

Modern European History: Anthony Day and Saoirse Brewer

Social and Economic History: Levana Magnus

Early Modern History: Anthony Day

Medieval History: Thomas Oliver


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