Rewriting the She-Apostle


Current Research: Glyn Redworth

I work on British and European history, especially Spain and the Habsburg empire, between the 15th and 17th centuries. I am now preparing an edition in English of Luisa de Carvajal’s letters, to accompany her biography, The She-Apostle, which appeared with Oxford University Press last year. I am also collaborating on a project involving a chronicle of the British Civil Wars, and my next task is to write an account of The Short Reign of King Philip the Brief of England (Philip I, 1554-1558). I form part of the Grupo San Albano which looks at cultural exchange between Britain and Spain in the 16th century, and I am on the advisory board of various Anglo-German historical bodies. I also write reviews of art exhibitions for the Spanish newspaper, ABC. In a nutshell, I am interested in placing the political, religious, and cultural history of Britain and other European countries in a transnational context.

Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 7/11/2009



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