Towards a Transnational Communist History


Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 27-11-2012.

Twentieth Century Communism day conference

Friday 7 December 2012, 10.00-5.15

Arthur Lewis Building (boardroom), Social Sciences, University of Manchester


Up with the great anniversary! Up with the 4th Congress of the Comintern! Imperial War Museum – PST 6000

Given the professed internationalism of the communist movement, communist historiography has inevitably figured prominently in recent developments in transnational labour history. Much work has focused on the connection between national communist parties and the centre of world communism in Moscow. But researchers have also begun to explore less restricted conceptions of the transnational, whether through more sophisticated approaches to the concepts of national and international or through other forms of transnational association than those centering on Moscow. Through sessions on ‘Communism: national and international’ and Communism: exiles and diasporas’ this day conference presents recent work from both these perspectives.


Norman LaPorte (Glamorgan) Ernst Thälmann and the Making of a German Communist

Chris Holmsted Larsen (Roskilde) Danish cadres in the Comintern: Agents of international communism or vanguard of a national working class?

David Featherstone (Glasgow) Black Internationalist Resistance to Fascism: African American Volunteers in the Spanish Civil War

Adrià Llacuna (UAB) Spanish democracy at war against fascism: a militant experience of “new type” for British Communists

Alix Heiniger (Geneva) German communists in France and Switzerland during the Second World War

Shirin Hirsch (Manchester) Chileans in Britain: exile politics or communist internationalism?

José Neves (Lisbon, New University) The Foreign Road to Homeland – Notes from the History of Portuguese Communism

Josep Puigsech (UAB) The Communist International, Spanish communism in exile and the national question 1939-43

Thanks to generous support from the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, attendance at the conference is free but for catering purposes we do ask that you make sure to register in advance.

For further information or to register (free) for the conference please contact the organiser


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