Call for oral history interviewees! MA student project on ‘The Everyday Racism Experienced by British Muslims.’

Photo supplied with kind permission from the Everyday Muslim archive:

My name is Sibia Akhtar and I am a MA History student at the University of Manchester. I want to interview British Muslims, for my thesis, via zoom or skype about the historical and contemporary experiences of being a British Muslim. My interviews will present what ordinary Muslims identify as pressing issues that affect them or require more attention, and how they view the historical systemised racism to British Muslims.

My thesis will look at the everyday racism experienced by British Muslims from 1970s to 2000. This will consider the Muslim migration and the everyday experiences of Muslims on an individual basis and within the larger institutions of society. My research will use both archival material and interviews to obtain an insight as to how British Muslims view their contribution in Britain and what improvements they believe should be taking place. This will use an interdisciplinary approach including sociological, political and filmography of British Muslims. This is a very underdeveloped area of research especially in British history which is unrepresentative of its diverse history.

Please read the participant information sheet below if you require additional information. 

If you need to contact me, please email:

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