Manchester Histories Festival: From Little Ireland to Chinatown

Editors Note: This is an archived blog post from 21/3/2014

From Little Ireland to Chinatown: Mapping diversity in Manchester

Wed 26 Mar 2014 6pm

Manchester Central Library

St. Peter’s Square, Manchester, M2 5PD

How has immigration, from the mid-nineteenth century to today, changed the face of Manchester? Digital mapping is an exciting tool for visualising the dynamics of population in the city, providing a new vision of the remaking of Manchester from industrialisation to its contemporary manufacturing and service economies.

Districts such as Little Ireland and Chinatown can be seen as gateways for immigration, revealing shifts in settlement, employment and how migrant groups negotiated their new environments.

Drawing on the archival collections of the Ahmed Iqbal Ullah Race Relations Resource Centre the talk will compare the experiences of Irish, African, South Asian, Caribbean, Chinese and European migrants. Through making links with emerging research in urban history, the talk will also looks at how Manchester’s distinctive ethnic geography relates to other cities in Britain and the world.

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